The Young Professionals (TYP) – Interview


Il y a quelques semaines, l’agence Rise Up m’a proposé d’interviewer le groupe de musique electro-pop israélien The Young Professionals composé du chanteur Ivri Lider & du producteur Johnny Goldstein. 

Avide de découvertes musicales, je n’ai pu qu’accepter, cela me permettant de découvrir leur univers décalé, coloré et résolument branché. Promis, le prochain interview sera en vidéo ! 🙂

En attendant, place aux stars du jour (interview en anglais) : 

Laura : Who are you ?

The YP : We are “The Young Professionals” also known as TYP, we are a band from Tel Aviv, making what you can call “electro pop” , we’re signed to Universal France so that’s our main market at the moment.

Laura : Why did you choose this name : The Young Professionals ?

The YP : It’s the name of the first song we wrote and after writing our first album we felt it actually holds in it a lot of the ideas and people we write about and connect with so we thought it’ll be a very good name to describe this bands vibe.

Laura : How did you form your band ?

The YP : We met in Israël a few years ago and started writing music together just for fun and being creative… after a while we realized we have a lot of songs we really like and then decided to take it to the next level and actually form a band 🙂

Laura : How long do you know each other ? 

The YP : For about 6 years now

Laura : Which adjective you would use to describe your universe ?

The YP : Multi-cultural, interesting, stupid, happy, sad, bi lingual, bi sexual, bi polar

Laura : How do you write your songs?

The YP : We usually sit together in the studio and start throwing ideas and playing with sounds and beats till we come up with something that’s exciting for us and then we have this click and we take it from there. I usually write lyrics on the road or in the most unusual unwanted situations…

Laura : You remixed « Video Games » from Lana Del Rey… Can you tell me more about that ?

The YP : We love making remixes and covers for songs we like. Taking something by an artist you adore and making it “your own” is great, and if you feel you can give it an interesting different angle from the original that’s always great.

Laura : Which influences for your new album… ?

The YP : The new album is an up tempo, good vibe one, less chill out electronica then the first one… Playing live for people all over the world def influenced us in that direction.

Laura : Why this title « Quick Quick, Star Star, Money Money » ?

The YP : It’s a little saying we have bout’ modern entertainment business , it’s not so much criticism but more of a reflection on how things are, people wanting fame for fame’s sake, and stardom is a lot about money and material stuff

Laura : Can you explain me your collaboration with Anna F. ?

The YP : We where looking for a female singer for “All Of It But Me” to feat. on the track, then the guys at the label offered Anna F. and the moment we heard her music we knew we want to work with her and she’s perfect for the track… then we met her and fell in Love 🙂


Laura : You collaborated with Calogero, Shy’m… With whom do you want to collaborate ?

The YP : We had the pleasure collaborating with those great artists and we def want to more , Stromae can be a great collaboration 🙂

Laura : How can you explain than some brands like « American Express » or « Nike » use your songs in their ads ?

The YP : We think there’s a lot of “modern society brand”  issues in our music, we deal with the involvement of brands and branding in our world and culture so it probably makes sense this connection.

Laura : You fights for the gay rights  and some of your fans are gay. Do you enjoy being gay icons ? How your sexual orientation is perceived in Israel ? 

The YP : Sure, we feel like those topics are part of who we are and are also important,  we are a half gay half str8 band and we always like contributing to a fight we feel is important.  in Israël these days there’s a lot of famous people how’re out publicly and it’s not such a big issue anymore…

Laura : Your best memory on the scene ?

The YP : Playing our first show in Paris at the “la Gaité Lyrique” was an amazing experience , meeting new crowds in a new country is always very exciting, almost like dating 🙂

Laura : Tel Aviv or Paris ?

The YP : That’s not fair hehe, Tel aviv is our home and it’s a great city that we love , though we are totally in love with Paris and always waiting to go back whenever we can, the beauty and culture is truly amazing

Laura : Your best address to drink in Paris ?

The YP : We LOVE eating at ANAHI and clubbing at the Silencio

Laura : Your best address to drink in Tel Aviv ?

The YP : There’s a great little cocktail bar called Imperial in Tel Aviv which is really cool

Laura : Your future projects ?

The YP : We loved doing the music and video installation for the opening of the new building at the TA museum of modern art.


Vous connaissiez ce groupe ?

Vous l’aimez ? 🙂


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